Thursday, May 27, 2010

Daddy Long Leg

Grace comes running into the kitchen today exclaiming "I found a new spider pet and he needs a home. Look, he's so cute!" She then proceeds to release the spider from her fingers and allows it to climb all over her hand and arm. I'm just in shock. This girl is not afraid of bugs, but to actually catch a spider and not get creeped out by all those legs crawling all over your skin... it blows my mind. I proceeded to quickly explain how spiders die when you bring them inside and gave her an empty planter pot to make the spider a home in. Luckily Grace decided spiders love to swim, and he drowned in her "pool". Well according to her he's just sleeping.

Another quick story. My mom is visiting and wanted to watch the final episode of Grey's Anatomy. I was sucked in while Grace quietly ate cereal at the table (and could see the t.v.) I should of never let her watch the episode. There was a crazy guy in the hospital shooting people. I know; I was rivited and she was being so good... and she never said anything about it. That is until a week later. Today my Mom heard her tell a friend "Let's play there's a shooter in the hospital." That is a parenting low point :(

Sunday, May 16, 2010

San Diego

We had an adventurous trip driving 12 hours to San Diego with our 3 little kids. We went to the beach, lots of great parks, the aquarium and out to eat. I give the kids a 6 out of 10. Grace had a lot of fun and hopefully made some lasting memories.

On our drive down we got to stay at hotels with pools for the kids and we saw Mike and Di in St. George, Dave and Emily in Las Vegas, and Ryan and LeAnne in Oceanside. I did nearly all the driving which in our situation is the coveted spot. Chad had to assist the kids most of the trip and was a pro. Elmo's ABC DVD and Dora were our best purchases as it kept Kate and Grace entertained multiple times. Shoving fruit snacks down their throats also did wonders. One fun surprise was a random free petting zoo outside a Utah gas station. That really set the bar high for the rest of the trip. We were super impressed by a stylish rest stop in Utah too. A park like set up where kids played football, a family posed in a large tree for a photo, glass tiles in the restroom and a pet area. Is this how my tax dollars are spent? Anyway, you can tell this is no luxury vacation.

I got to see my sister Beth and Mom and Dad. I am thankful they have a sense of humor and enjoyed my kids. Chad and I got to go to dinner with Beth twice after the kids went to sleep and I am still dreaming of the cheesecake we had. After 4 nights in San Diego and our 6th night in a hotel we decided to drive home all in 1 day if we could make it. We left California at 11:30AM and got home at 12:30AM after a MacDonalds/Gas Station/Little Ceasers/Walmart/Gas Station stop. I know Chad and I will have many memories of this vacation!

This is a picture of Jake when we got home. He was so happy!

Mother's Day

Chad doesn't have the best memory. This is how my Mother's Day was: We are traveling to see my sister in San Diego and eating breakfast at the hotel. Two ladies walk into the lobby and the front desk gal says "Happy Mother's Day!" Chad then turns to me with a sheepish look and says "Happy Mother's Day!" It's OK because every day with him is truly Mother's Day (gag me). It's actually true. I'd much rather have someone who appreciates me and helps out all the time than someone who puts on a show one day out of the year. Forgetfulness isn't so bad.