Monday, July 21, 2008

It's a Girl!

I went back to the mall and got a free ultrasound which confirmed we are having a girl. I'm unpacking the pink butterfly stuff and packing up the boy clothes for another time :)

I was at 7 peaks waterpark Friday and saw two sisters in matching swimsuits and french braids and got a little soft spot in my heart for girls, plus Chad is so sweet with Grace. Every night he climbs into bed with her and tells her two short stories. They usually involve dragons and the beach. Tonight she made a random request for stories about Grandpa Randy. Chad of course told a tale of fishing and swimming with the fish, and the other was about a tennis match where she amazed Grandpa by acing him, proving she was a tennis prodigy.

Just an update on my pregnancy... I feel great now and am due Nov. 10th. At my last appointment the Dr. commented "You've gained 6 lbs since your last visit, so you may want to just watch that." To add insult to injury the cashier at the grocery store asked how far along I was and then said her daughter was due around the same time but was quite a bit smaller. Where are these people coming from? I have put on about 30 lbs so far, and still have 16 weeks to go. Oops. I'm over it and enjoying my pregnancy. It is so nice to not suck it in and just enjoy!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

We're Having an IT

So we got the medical ultrasound for the baby and everything was great, such a relief! However, we did get a big surprise when they told us we are having a girl! (Our previous mall ultrasound determined it was a boy.) The tech said she's never disagreed with those mall ultrasounds, but couldn't find any proof of a boy, and thinks she sees girl parts. I'm just curious what was between my babies legs in the first ultrasound... we definitely saw something. The tech said the cord was between the babies legs now so maybe that was the problem...? I found this out just before we were heading out of town for a week, so Chad and I decided we should accept it and start thinking of girl names. We like Leah, but I'm pressing for another ultrasound before we really move on.

Hike To The Y

While Clint's kids were up for the Lagoon trip I took them and Emma on a hike to the Y. It was a little nerve racking when we reached the top and the kids started sliding everywhere, but we made it home safe and everyone had a fun time.
The Girls Really Encouraged Each Other to not Give up. We Started Taking Their Picture at Each of the 10 Trail Markers Which Motivated Them
This is the View I had of the Boys Most of the Hike, They Were Serious
The Girls Were Not so Serious
Each Kid Wanted to Strike a Pose for Their Hike Photo

Way to Go!


Randy and Barbara planned a family trip for everyone to Lagoon. The kids had so much fun and the weather was perfect. Chad got really sick in the evening and suddenly threw up almost spraying innocent bystanders. It was funny. He quickly recovered and enjoyed more rides. We think it was the dancing variety show that actually made him throw up.
Justin, Caleb, Michael, Hailey, Kylee
Melanie and Josh on the Ferris Wheel
The Two Pregnant Ladies
Barbs and Brooklyn

Randy and Emma

Roman Liked Electronics More Than the Rides
Melanie Got Suckers for the Kids
Grace and Josh
Relaxing at the Water Park
We Found Spiderman!