Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'm thankful for commercialism

We had fun in Idaho Falls for Thanksgiving. Ahhh the memories... turkey, pie, kids playing, 6AM door buster sales. (What?) I had never been shopping on the busiest day of the year, and now I can say I have; My conclusion is why would you ever want to go shopping on the busiest day of the year? The "deals" are what entice us, but it's a little scary how many people can come together for a super sale. Some were determined, filled with impatience, (even in Idaho). Actually it was fun or entertaining to say the least. I was really lame and didn't take any photos of our holiday, so I'm jumping head first into commercialism and showing you some of the fabulous things I bought while out and about.

No more cleaning my hardwood... I hope

Grace's x-mas

Mom's x-mas (I want a piano, but since I can't play I'll be mastering the Casio Keyboard first.)

Just a fun story as a side note. On our drive to Idaho Falls we stopped in Tremonton to take Grace into the playland at McDonalds. While pondering the menu, I looked over my shoulder to see Grace throwing up all over Chad, the floor, a turkey donation display, etc. The look in the employees eyes was not one of thankfulness. Chad tried to catch the mess in his hands, which ya know... doesn't work. Curdled milk does not smell so great and after Chad took Grace into the restroom and got all cleaned up we decided Quizno's would taste better, smell better, and a playland was no longer a factor. Hope they didn't see us leave.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Grace Talking

I finally got Grace to say some words on video! This is a little game we like to play.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Kissing and Feeding Cousins

These two have become pretty close. Roman has a wonderful appetite and Grace becomes 10 times the eater when he eats it too. They share kisses, food, toys (on a good day), clothes and they love to play peek a boo together.

More of my Kid

The other night we were just trying to survive with a grouchy baby so we put her in the bath. I was in my bedroom and Grace in the Master Bathroom with the tub filling. Needless to say I got distracted and heard some weird sounds coming from the tub. I ran in to discover Grace's smiling face bobbing in a full tub of water with bubbles everywhere. I'm guessing the baby shampoo got dumped into the water. Wish I had a picture of her little head floating, but I was in sheer terror when I ran in and I'm happy to say I had the presence of mind to realize that although she looks so cute right now, her safety is in danger and now wouldn't be the best time to capture a cute photo for a posting. I couldn't get her out of the tub even after all the water was drained. She just kept exclaiming "bubbles, bubbles!"

Picasa - Thank you LEANNE

I had no idea that improving my pictures took such little effort. Downloading Picasa is simple and free. I've also made a link to Shutterfly which I'm sure you all know about. They've got a great calandar that you can customize with personal photos and birthdays, etc. It's a good idea for the holidays.

Just showing an example of how this picture is better than the same one below.

Three Stars for the Book of Mormon

I hope this doesn't offend anyone. Chad sent it to me and we thought it was so funny.

Amazon Book of Mormon Review


Thursday, November 1, 2007

I finally figured out my new camera!!

So I fell off the wagon with blogging. I got a new camera which we were "testing out" until I dropped it and scratched the video screen. Guess it's a keeper! Grrr. My parents also arrived from Mexico a few weeks ago and we've been out on the town. Here are a few highlights...

HALLOWEEN - We really underestimated how much a baby wants to trick or treat. Grace loved all the kids coming to our door, but once a little girl came that looked like Emma, she needed to go outside to follow her. We went to a few houses and she enjoyed carrying her pumpkin basket with a treat in it, but when she received a sucker she was ready to head home for some sticky fun.

We have horses across the street that Grace loves to feed, (actually the donkey is the only one who will eat the weeds we offer) so it was really fun to see Grace go to the Scarecrow Festival at Thanksgiving Point to see the animals. My Mom's holding Grace while my Dad makes her crack a smile.

Her favorite part was the pony ride

Playing Peek-A-Boo

She liked jail so much, licking the iron bars was a delight.

Grace loves trains. We hear lots of them blow their horn as they pass by our house... (How did we not notice this when we picked our home?) So I thought she would really enjoy a train ride which was confirmed by her smiles and pointing as we passed the train. I guess during the 20 minute wait for the ride she lost her enthusiasm. I tried to recapture the mood as we pulled away from the "train station", but the tears started to flow. The nice girl sitting next to us was quite photogenic though.

Slowing down... she loved playing in the balls, but started to get sleepy
I loved that they had mini blow up toys for the toddlers. Grace is very good at taking care of babies. She recently set her baby doll on the end table and waved "night night" and walked away.
Grace couldn't quite figure out how to escape this one. Maybe I should have helped her before the whole tent caved in from her trying to get out through the netting.