Sunday, November 9, 2008

We have a new Girl!

We have had some great things happen lately, not only did we have a new girl, but Angie has gotten me to write a blog. It was either that or try and feed Kate. I just didn't feel equipped for the feeding so I got the post. Angie had a very nice delivery. She started having contractions while we were at Amy's baby Ally's blessing. After the blessing we went back to Amy's, Angie wanted to get some good food in her before the hospital stay. I mostly ran around Amy's house trying to convince everyone to tell Angie to GO TO THE HOSPITAL. We got to the Hospital around 3:30 and she was only dilated to a 3, which means she had to wait for an hour to see if she would progress before they would admit her. That also meant I got the evil eye for convincing her to go to the hospital so soon. After about an hour they checked her and she hadn't dilated anymore. They asked her if she wanted anything for the pain before they called the doctor and sent her home. Angie looked like she wanted to cry, so did I. When they called the doctor he was already on his way in (It was his on call night at the hospital). He wanted her to wait another half-hour so he could check her before she went home. While we waited, Angie plotted the tortures she would inflict on me for the early trip to the hospital. Her contractions got much harder. When the doctor arrived and checked her she was dilated past a 4 HURRAY!!! He broke her water and told us we would probably have a baby before 12:00. They gave her an epidural and off she went. We had Kate around 9:45, Angie only had to push a few times. Thanks to me and my incredibly small headed genes. Kate was born weighing 5 lbs 7 oz and 18 inches long. She opened her eyes within the first minute and didn't shut them for two hours. We are so blessed and happy to have her in our family. We feel so lucky to have two healthy children. Thank you to everyone that has already called or given us gifts. Kate has more clothes than she will ever wear. For those of you that hadn't yet heard about Kate, all I can say is Angie really needs to get on the ball :)

Grace seems to be adjusting well :)