Friday, October 16, 2009

Home Stretch, Nov. 9th or Bust!

Still pregnant, but now we can count down in weeks instead of months! I'm finishing my 36th week and feel great... (ya right), but no real problems. I'm so uncomfortable I want to have the baby already, but I'm also so overwhelmed with "getting everything ready" and taking care of the two I have that I don't want the baby to come out - so it's a nice balance. Chad and I are still thinking of naming the baby Jacob (Jake for short), but sorry to all Jacob fans, I don't really like that name. This whole pregnancy has been dashavu since I'm due the same week I was due with Kate. Why I did Lagoon again this year I'm not sure. Life is good with Kate taking her first steps and Grace anticipating Halloween so she can be Luke Skywalker and I can be Princess Leia. Chad is reading right now, a rare moment of relaxation before the weekend chores start. I'm thinking he is going to be content with stopping at 3 kids.