Friday, March 28, 2008

Baby #2

I'm so excited to be expecting baby #2! We found out I was pregnant at the end of February, so it's been really hard to not say anything. I wanted to go to the Dr. to hear the heartbeat first. I'm starting my 10th week and am already showing, (exhibit A - birthday photo posted below). When I told people at church they said "I thought you were." I even had someone ask me if I was pregnant when I was 6 weeks along and not showing. You think people would be smarter. I'm convinced I am pregnant with twins because I'm pretty sick this time (last time I was not) and am showing a lot (I guess you do show more with each pregnancy.) Clomed only increases the chance of twins 10% but heres to hoping! I really want a boy this time, but I took Emma and Grace to the pool the other day and they were so cute with each other, which made me think a girl would be great too. I'm due October 25th (Amy's due August 18th) fun!

I wanted to surprise Chad with the news. Chad was present while I took 3 pregnancy tests which all looked negative to us. One was in Mexico on vacation, and I think it was just too early. The other ones were dollar store tests where the line didn't appear until after 5 minutes and I didn't think it was even a line. Let me rephrase that by saying Chad convinced me it was negative (he was too worried.) This is a little package Amy and I had the UPS man make up after I took my 4th and definitely positive test. We personally delivered it to his work front desk.

Terrible Two's

Some random pictures from the last few weeks:

Grace wanted to wear only a jacket and tights today

I left Grace for 2 minutes (I swear) with a fudgesicle. Grrr!

Grace wants to put on her shirt by HERSELF

"Can I help you Grace?"

"NO, NO, NO!!!"


We went to an Easter Egg Hunt in Mapleton and the kids had a lot of fun. Grace was so excited to ride the horses, but she cried as soon as we put her on the saddle. Amy brought a neighbor boy along and he won a bike. A friend of mine came with her kids and little dog. The dog loved the bunnies and would not leave their side the entire time.

It was time for the rabbits to leave, so the dog followed too

Roman saw I had the camera out and ran up and said "cheese"

I'm 30!

I survived my 30th Birthday. Chad did an over the top job. He took the day off work and sent me away in the morning for a manicure and pedicure. Amy watched Grace for us while we had a relaxing day of eating and shopping. I came home to a bed full of presents. Chad got me two complete outfits from Nordstrom (dress, shoes, jewelry) and they fit; I love them.

I swear it looks better in person. I took a photo of Chad to prove to him the camera makes you look bad. He agreed.

Happy Birthday Grace

Grace Turned 2 March 7th. Here are some of my favorite pictures of her:

We had an animal/Easter themed birthday party with pizza. (Grace always requests pizza, but doesn't really eat it.) Tami was down from Idaho and Amy's clan partied too. Grace got a Thomas the Train toy, some puzzles, and stuffed animals. Her favorite item was a stuffed dog just like the one we forgot to bring home on our Mexico trip. She also liked singing "Happy Birthday to Gracie."

Thursday, March 27, 2008


We went to Mazatlan to see my parents before Grace turned 2, to get free airfare. The trip was warm, so in other words it was heaven! Chad and I stayed with my parents the first few days and then went to a hotel without Grace for the second part of the trip. It was wonderful. Here are a few highlights before our camera broke. Wish we had pictures of the Pueblo Bonita where we stayed. I was going to photoshop our heads on some of the stock photos from the web, but I can't seem to find the time.
Off to the beach
With my Dad at the Mazatlan Aquarium

So photogenic

Cute school kids in uniform

The beach about 10 minutes from my parents condo

I can't imagine flying with more than 1 kid. Grace was a handful. We lost Chad's wallet twice but each time it was returned to us by a stranger and then we left my cell phone on the plane from Mexico to Phoenix. We called the airline and they located it and mailed it to us. I'm proud to say for once that I had no part in losing these items and am so thankful everything was returned.
My Mom goes dancing with her friends often and she took us to this cute place. There was no live band that night, but Grace loved the music and stage to show off on. I loved how the people in Mexico are so kid friendly. They welcome kids running around just about anywhere. Grace's blond hair was a big hit. People would stop us and chat in Spanish and pinch her cheeks.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I'm still kickin!

I haven't posted anything new on my blog in about a month! Our camera broke while we were on vacation in Mexico, but we have a replacement now (thank you Sam's Club). I've got lots to post and no time to post it. I'm shamelessly writing this in hopes that my "fans" will still be there when I return. I do have to say, I've got something to post that will be worth the wait. Stay tuned.....