Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Piano Prodigy

Grace and her friend Taytum compose together

Thursday, January 3, 2008


Emma turned 4 on December 27th

Happy Birthday!

Grace stayed up to welcome in the New Year

Noah, Ethan and Sam drank the night away. Matt and Kliss threw a wonderful party. The food was so good I started eating a bread bowl holding the food.... sorry.

Merry Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas in Idaho Falls, minus the 3 car accidents in the family. Thankfully everyone was OK, but the vehicles had something to show for it. It snowed and snowed in Idaho the whole time we were there and the roads were awful. Chad did a 360 on the freeway while picking his Mom up from the airport. Just a mark on the bumper lingers from hitting a guardrail. Clint and Justin were less fortunate. Both had situations where the vehicle in front of them nearly stopped on the freeway and they could not slow down in time. The result was a lot of hood damage. Clint is waiting to hear from insurance whether the car will be declared "totaled" since the cost of repair is close to the value of the van. Justin is also waiting to hear from insurance, and his van had to be towed to Tremonton. Luckily, Chad and I were driving home from Idaho Falls and passed the same Malad exit that Amy and Justin had just pulled into after the wreck, so we gave them a ride home. I'm being too negative. We did have a lot of fun and the kids were blissfully happy. Here are some highlights:

At Randy's place in her new outfit from Barbs

The kids loved this nativity set of Melanie's -even the headless Emma

Grace helped Roman get some yogurt

Christmas morning at Clint's house

The chapstick and lotion in her stocking were used constantly. What was Santa thinking?

Opening up presents at Aunt Beth's house. No pictures of Beth in her p.j.'s will be posted per her request.

On Beth's rocking chair having a blast

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas Eve Party

Grandma Bonnie gave all the kids videos. This was also a great gift for the parents!

All dressed up for the party

Playing with Tami's dog, Chewy

Emma and Sarah with some "lips" and eye make-up

Josh gave me his serious pose. Who knew he was going to be a model?

Roman at the Christmas Eve Party

Roman's signature evil eye. He laughs so hard after he does it.