Sunday, September 12, 2010

How many kids are at my house?

I thought my kids were in the backyard, but apparantly they were going on a trip in the van and invited some friends

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sisterly Love

Grace has really grown to love Kate and Jake and includes them in her play...whether they want to or not

Grace "helped me out" by getting Jake some more snacks

Kate helps out by eating Jakes baby food, which makes Jake gobble it down

A new park

Grace wanted Kate to leave her alone, so she sat on this ledge, but guess who followed?

Idaho Falls Company

We are awful at taking pictures when we get together, but the highlight of our Summer has been having our Idaho Falls cousins visit. When they come to stay our kids are in heaven.
Chad took Justin and Josh on a hike to the Y

Of course our Utah cousins are just as fun

Clark Family reunion in Morgan

Thursday, September 2, 2010

How UNcool Can We Be?

We traded this....

For this! Now Chad gets noticed by the kids and not the chicks.

Amy's Kids

Roman loves being a true cowboy now that he has worker cloves

Ally turned 2 in August

This baby is well taken care of. I need an Emma! Grace is in training.

Roman is always the gentleman.

Baby Sophie falls victom to the blindfold hairbow

First Day of School

Grace started Preschool Sept. 1st and was very excited. Some neighbor kids are in her class which made it easy. I tried to say a formal goodbye the first day but she was too busy talking and playing. She even told her teacher all about a bee sting she got. Hopefully my social butterfly will learn how to spell and write her name.

Pleasant Surprise

Jake is growing up too fast. Today Chad was playing with the girls upstairs and Jake was on the main level crawing around. Chad heard him cry, but then he stopped and it got all too quiet. As Chad got up to check on things Jake came crawling around the corner. He climbed up all the stairs at 9 months old! I'm impressed because I haven't seen the kid climb a single stair at this point, not even 1 knee on the first stair. I'm very glad I did not witness the event.