Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Grace was so excited to start school and ride the bus. She didn't hesitate, and I didn't have time to get sappy because Kate was throwing a big fit. She wanted to ride the bus too.

Grace started gymnastics and loves it. I got her this cake to celebrate her big day. Her day was even more eventful when she lost her third tooth. It was loose so Chad tied floss around it and wanted to attach it to a door knob. Grace wasn't having that. He convinced her to keep the floss on and just play with it herself. Kate walked by, saw the floss dangling and without hesitation pulled it. So funny! Grace was pretty sad, but once she remembered the tooth fairy she cheered right up.

Welcome home Lia

August 24th, 6lbs, 12 oz, 19 in

I was induced. I got a call from the hospital at 5AM asking for us to arrive at 6. I got on the pitocin at 7:45 and had her at 2:45. I got an epidural when I was only dilated to a 2. I felt lame, but the contractions were starting to be more intense and closer than 3 minutes apart. I learned from Jake's induction that how far I'm dilated does not correlate with how hard the contractions are. Once I got the epidural they broke my water. I went from a 2 to a 10 in 2 hours. No pushing again. I'm so happy that she has arrived. She's a good baby and eats and sleeps like a healthy newborn. I'm tired, but all is well. Chad is a big help, and I love that he works from home...although I'm not sure he likes it.

Grace loves Lia and helps me out a lot. She is in afternoon kindergarten so in the morning I have all 4 at home (3 under 3). In the afternoon Grace goes to school, Jake and Kate nap, and so far Lia sleeps some too. It's heaven! Jake and Kate ignore Lia for the most part. They held her once and Lia flailed her arms around and they both whined and said she was hitting them. They love to put their head in her face and say "hi" and they love to chat with me while I feed Lia. They have adjusted well. Did I mention I have a full stock of popsicles, suckers and gum :)