Thursday, December 20, 2007

Boredom leads to Creativity

While I was talking on the phone, Grace pulled on my leg and showed me her snow boots. I ignored her. She then put 1 on by herself (a skill never done thus far). I continued chatting and a few minutes later, found her in the toy basket with a snow hat on asking to go outside. Guess we should put on some pants first.

Grace has become a handful recently. I see a new determination in her to discover and do more. She puts up a fight everytime I try to get her in the high chair. Instead she will get on the barstool where I always eat and request yogurt. Yesterday she dipped her head in the toilet and ran out with a huge smile like "Mom, check me out." She broke a Santa decoration, a tree ornament and a serving plate while Chad was watching her recently. I got mad at Chad and told him maybe if he watched her she would find other things to do. Then on my clock she drew in pen on the couch and used a yellow highlighter to color her clothes. Ooops. Yesterday I heard a 3 year old boy I was watching say "Wow. Baby! Crazy baby, How did you do that?" I walked in to find Grace on top of her toy kitchen gripping the top of the window trim to maybe climb the walls? She then proceeded to arch her back and say "whooo" to pretend fall. I did NOT take a picture of this because it eggs her on. She also tells me when she needs to go poo, so I put her on a training toilet, but she just uses it as a step stool to the real toilet. This is where I can't complain though; She poos on the toilet. (sometimes) I was going to post the pictures but Chad assured me no one needs a visual. It's so funny how excited you get about that.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Temple Lights in the Snow

We haven't had too much snow or cold weather, so that's the only reason why I welcomed the snow for December. It was a pretty way to see the SLC Temple lights with Amy's family.

I'm trying to show the cool ceiling of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building

The lights were amazing. This doesn't do it justice.

The Temple

Temple Square Visitors Center - Statue of Christ

blurry picture

Our back deck (Dad, this one is for you)

I love the mountains after a snow storm

This is Grace thinking "Mom, is this really necessary?"

Roman is adorable in this hat. Don't you love kids dressed up in snow clothes!

We tried to get a good enough picture for x-mas cards this year. O-well.

Clark Bowling Party

Every December we get together with Bonnie's side of the family at the Morgan Bowling Ally. It was fun to see all the cousins and laugh at our great bowling skills.

This is Kenzie, who belongs to Kristee, who is Gaylene's daughter. (Gaylene is Bonnie's sister) got that? This picture was worth the explanation.

Grandpa Clark with Emma

Emma, Amy and Grandma Clark

No intro needed

cousins (doing eachothers hair)


Karlee, Kristee (some of Aunt Gaylene's daughters) and Amy


Roman - He loves putting shoes on his hands