Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What's goin on

Jake is 1 month now. He just started to roll over and smile -jk. This picture was taken on the day of his 2 week dr.'s visit. Everything was fine, except later that same day I went back to the dr. because Jake fell from my chair onto the hardwood. I had no one to blame but myself and an overactive bladder. I left him in the boppy pillow on the chair after a feeding (I had the U shaped pillow facing the unsafe way) and as soon as I heard him crying I knew what happend. He had a goose egg on his head so I went in and they did xrays, etc and all was well. I felt awful!

Grace is loving this nightgown from her cousin Sarah. She gets so many great clothes from family. Her hair is in buns because she's Princess Leia, but also a mermaid. She's been really good with Jake and very interested in my feedings. She said to me one day "Mom, I'm feeding my baby from my chest. This side is plain (milk) and this side is strawberry." delicious!

Kate is wearing a wig from my Princess Leia Halloween costume.

I've been so impressed as to how quickly Kate picks up on things. Since she was 12 months she copies everything we do. If she sees a brush she combs her hair, and in this case she was thrilled to get the headband on herself.

We got the xmas decor out after Thanksgiving and this bell was a big hit.


We had my parents and Amy's family over. It was nice because we each prepared a different part of the meal. It was very delicious and the cousins had so much fun. This year I am of course thankful for Jake and our families health, but I have to say Chad really makes everything OK for me lately. Without the help I'd go nuts!


enjoying a deviled egg