Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Give me the helmet!

I just love how my voice sounds on the video.
Please ignore the commentary


She wants what she wants

She loves Chad's motorcycle, but settles for the helmet

She refused to look at me in fear I would take the glasses

Showing some attitude while strolling at the zoo

On a positive note, we have reached a major milestone with Grace. She can go to the nursery at Church now! This Sunday was her first time and she was literally pushing me away to play and had a great time. On the other end of things, Grace has been a little demanding lately. She used to see something interesting, give a little "uhhh, uhh" and then I would distract her. Now she screams, cries, bucks and my favorite, reminds me of her sadness by pouting. So it seems she is learning how to throw a fit. On rare occasions though she asks "What's that?" and smiles in a way that makes me give away nearly anything. I'm definetly not the one in charge.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Cancun Baby!

Last month we went to Cancun for our 10 year anniversary with all of Chad's siblings. It was so fun to all be together without the kids. Matt and Kliss watched Grace (thanks again!) Chad & I renewed our vows, enjoyed the beach, went to ruins and ate a lot. We stayed at the Barcelo Maya Colonial Beach Hotel in the Mayan Riviera. Wish I were still there.

This was at 6:30AM..too early. Of course it rained.

We discovered the kayak's on our last day. That's OK;
There were topless girls on this side of the beach!

Too cool

Chitzinitza - Now one of the world's 7 wonders

The pool. It was really warm which I loved.

The white sand and crystal clear warm water tops it all!


We went to Idaho Falls for Caleb's baptism over Labor Day. It was really fun to see everyone and watch Grace play with her cousins and more often play with their pets. When we were at the church, Grace was wiggely, so I put her down to rome. She found her way to the playroom and I found her on the rocking horse giving it a good ride.