Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cooking and Chatting

We made frog cupcakes for Grace's preschool class (she was the snack helper). Later in the week we made chocolate chip cookies, but Grace decided we were making sugar cookies. I just let her ice them and put sprinkles on.

She has been saying the funniest things lately like "I'm still hungry. My belly buttons not wet yet." What does that mean? She recently reminded me how she loves positive reinforcement. She was pretending yet again to be Emma and I said "Wow Emma, did you do up those buttons on your jammies all by yourself?" She answered sadly "No, but the thing that Emma did do good is I put my shirt over my head!"

Two Babies

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Grace Turns 4

Grace turned 4 on March 7th and had a princess party. Ironically she wanted to be Luke Skywalker at the party and wear pajamas. We got her a bike as the grand finale, but she just stared at it for a while and said "Can I go put on my make up now?" Funny girl. She's growing up too fast. So fast that she tells me she is 6 and can do everything by herself because she's Emma (her cousin). The main thing that I remember about Grace the last few months is constant application of lip balm. She tries to take lip gloss or chapstick to preschool, in the car, to bed. Her imagination is always evolving and her poor friends can't seem to follow her games of Percy Jackson and AnnaBeth (The Lightening Theif), Alexa and Leona (Diamond Castle Barbie Movie), or the many characters in Star Wars. She doesn't mind. The friends wander around the house looking for toys and asking for fruit snacks while she roams around finding them outfits and getting dressed up herself. Her latest character is a baby rat that whines and talks like "dah dah"- not my favorite.

This video contains off key singing you may not want to subject yourself to.

Jake's happy

I think Jake is going to be pretty mellow... for now. Here he is enjoying some attention from Grace.

Ms Indepent

Kate is starting to say new words, which I tried to capture on video, but she just wanted to make me laugh. This girl does what she wants when she wants.

Talent Show

Here is Grace singing "mama's going to buy you a mocking bird" - with some original lyrics. We've all sang a song we thought we knew the words to.