Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Typical Day

Loves this chair... gotta love the calic

Jake has started to walk, and I forget how scary it is when they start climbing. He loves the stool now. The other day he was sitting at the dining room table and that freaked me out.

I had some trick or treaters. Grace is Hermione after ballet practice.

I'm so glad Grace included Kate and chose this dragon/lion costume

Kate loves to sit on the toilet. No actual transaction to note.

A New Year

Grace is still dressing up in outfits that are too small

Everyone loves to apply too much chapstick and other mischievous things in the pantry

I was holding Kate but heaven forbid I go to the bathroom. When I returned Ally had taken good care of her.

My sister sent my kids their Christmas gifts on New Years, which was perfect. They were so excited to yet again open presants. Tip -don't let your kids get in a box of peanuts nearly naked. They are probably dirty and stick everywhere.

How much is too much?

This is too much snow! I love a good snow storm, and at Christmas time it's great. Shoveling it so you can pull into your driveway after an 8 hour car ride that typically takes 4 is too much.

At least Grace got to have a late night snow party

Gotta love this close up. Chad's head fits into Jake's snowcap (almost)

The hightlight of our after Christmas trip to Idaho Falls was Leo's for Emma's 7th Birthday. Of course I have no pics of that.

Jake held his own

Grace loved her Harry Potter Costume.

Kate likes the sweeter things in life. A sucker was all Santa should of brought.

Jake and Kate love their indoor slide. It will be the focal point of our great room until the Summer. At least they are entertained.

We had a containment issue when the adults tried to eat dinner. Ally and Kate were in the street. It's dark. I don't know why Amy didn't catch them sooner.

A shepard. Grace was dying to be Mary but I was proud of her for thinking up the role of Angel.

We let the kids eat first and decorated the table. We gave them the 5 star treatment.