Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Blog is Ugly

I've tried to change my blog layout, coloring, etc. - but to no avail. It's ugly and I just wanted people to know I know! I was trying to put one of those cute custom backgrounds on and I swear the instructions skip some steps. Even Chad couldn't resolve the issue, and after 10 minutes of trying I made him give up. That's a hard thing to do for Chad the problem solver, but I just reminded him of his "to do problem list" which sidetracked him. Someday though... my blog will be really really cool.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

My "To Do" List

The farther along I'm getting this pregnancy, the less I make myself do. I try to do laundry, dishes, clean up after Grace, exercise (walk to the mailbox), grocery shop, etc. I never seem to get to other chores that are beyond daily maintenance.

Although I'm doing less, I'm sure planning to somehow snap out of it and become beyond efficient based on my many to do lists. I've found about 5 lists around my house recently, some from over a month ago, and the same tasks appear: deep clean shower/tub, organize paper mess in office, pull weeds, clean tile, magic eraser whole house. Chad's list has become unmanageable because now it includes all of my undone list, plus his undone list of house fix ups we've procrastinated on all Summer: dig lawn trench for rain gutter down spout, move items from garage into cold storage, fix grout in kids bath, re-caulk master tub. Who wants to do any of these things? Chad gave a nice laugh when I said the deadline is before the baby comes. He didn't laugh after I gave him that "I'm serious" look.

Why do all these unimportant things become such a priority right before you have a baby? Grace's clothes closet never bothered me before, but now it gives me such anxiety to see all the clothes she's grown out of heaped in a big pile and not yet folded into the 12-18 month bin. I guess part of being a Mom is learning how to be balanced and happy while managing the ever increasing list of to do's in your head and wondering if your husband will remember to do the same. Then something big happens in life (like having a baby) and sometimes you get to let everything go for a while and you realize nothing bad happened. Everything is OK. I'm not there yet, so let the insanity begin!