Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Latest

Jake eating apples and trying to make us laugh. His latest joke is yelling "Hi". That's it.

He loves a hat and sunglasses

He's getting into everything

 Loves to say "cheese" when I take his picture

Grace started gymnastics preschool and loves it. I had her dressed in jeans and a shirt but she changed at the last minute into a dress. I had to talk her into the leggings so she wouldn't be on display.

Jake and Kate on their way to a water park. I love that they held hands.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Oral Surgery

Grace went to the oral surgeon to have an extra front tooth removed. She had a loose baby tooth, a new extra tooth coming in, then an adult tooth behind it. She was so excited about the surgery. Here's the outfit she picked out on her "oral surgery day".

Her Smile Before

The Extraction, bloody shot courtesy of Chad

Post Surgery Smile
They gave her an IV and put her to sleep and the recovery has been really easy. She gets the pink medicine (who doesn't like that - yum!)

The tooth fairy gave her two gold dollar coins which she used to buy slushies.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Best of Times, Worst of Times

Kate and Jake love/hate eachother right now. They were laughing so hard in the van the other day. I let them each have a little snack container and they would run away from me when I would try to get them out. Here they are in all their messy 18 month and 2 1/2 year glory. Jake has a big goose egg on his forehead and scratch from a fall; one of many lately!


It's the best of times and the worst of times right now. Kate and Jake are so cute/so whiny. I'm so thankful to be pregnant, but I'm so tired and big. I don't recognize myself anymore. Kate and I were eating lunch yesterday and she leaned over, gave me a hug and said "Thank you Mommy." She then did it over and over saying "Thank you Mommy, Love you." Today when I put her down for a nap she kept crying and saying "turn around, turn around!" I had no idea what she wanted. I then saw her CD player was turned sideways and put it back straight and she smiled and closed her eyes. Yikes!