Sunday, May 22, 2011

Our Little Graduate

Grace is done with preschool and will start kindergarten in the fall. She loves being 5 and tells me how big she is all the time. She also has random thoughts she loves to share. The other day she asked if I knew that the color blue was actually "blue blonde". (we had been discussing hair color earlier) She then said, "See this chair. (it was teal) This is blue blonde Mom." She then explained how purple is really purple gold. The details of this color enlightenment lasted about 30 minutes as I pulled weeds outside. Once she knew I had really listened and could confirm her idea she moved on. I asked how she knew all this. She said "I'm 5. I just know."

Her Last Day of School

Kate's favorite "trick"

Jake's favorite pastime: cleaning up what others leave at the table

Grace wanted to nap outside so Jake asked for a blanket and joined her.

Kids on the tramp

Thursday, May 5, 2011

It's Spring

Snow on the mountains, grass on the ground. All is right with the world.

Scooter rides again, who cares that the sun is blinding them? The sun is out!

One happy guy

A ponytail and summer clothes

A guitar to reminisce about our recent trip to see Matt and Kliss in Vegas. Unfortunately I didn't take pictures, but we all had so much fun. Grace found her new husband in Zack, I'm not sure he's ready to commit. We hiked, went to a show called Mystique (trippy circus), and ate lots of great food all cooked by our gracious hosts. We partied late and by the 3rd night I was hammered. It made for a long car ride home but well worth it.

St. George

Girl's getaway to St. George...
My one and only picture

We hiked snow canyon, shopped, ate, relaxed. It was fun to be with Melanie and Amy without our kids (as much as we love them :)) We missed Tami and hope to make it an annual event.

While we were away Clint came to our house and the kids and boys survived. Someone took these fabulous shots with my camera


Charlie could be a stuffed animal


conference weekend

Easter in Idaho

Easter was warm in Idaho! I am documenting this so I have proof the next time I complain about weather. We went to an egg hunt at Melanie's kids school which was great.


Michael will be 14 this month. I remember dating Chad when he was born. Yikes!

Kate enjoyed putting stickers on her face instead of the eggs.

6AM Easter morning

 Grace and Brooklyn with Rags