Thursday, April 3, 2008

Yoga is Tricky

Everyday it's Yoga. No, not me exercising. Grace wants me to get out the mat and Yoga DVD. Kids seem to love "exercising." If only pretend Yoga and push ups really worked.

Toby McGuire, look out

Spiderman has a new biggest fan. Chad bought the DVD's recently of the non cartoon version and Grace was hooked from the first action scene. She loves Spiderman 1 where he catches the bus to go to school and has the fist fight. She also loves the wrestling match. Spiderman is pretty violent actually. She'll say things like "bonk on the head, sorry" and loves to say "go web" when Spidy learns about his superpowers. We helped along her obsession by giving her pj's and a Spiderman sleeping bag for Easter. She loves them and wants the sleeping bag in her crib at night. To her excitement we located Spiderman on her favorite blanket (an eye spy quilt Melanie made for her) and she points it out to us all the time.

Random picture...She asks me for peanut butter toast all the time. I caved only to be again disappointed by her lack of interest in the toast.