Sunday, February 22, 2009


I'm sticking to the slogan "It's never too late", because I've posted about 6 months worth of stuff today. It feels GOOD!
I am pleased to announce that GRACE is potty trained! She finally showed interest again and I jumped on it. We used a sticker chart with rewards like McDonalds and Chucky Cheese. She was really motivated, but didn't understand that if she just went pee, she couldn't go right back to the toilet and go pee again to get another sticker. Roman got interested because of Grace and he's amazing. He woke up from a nap to go pee, then went right back to bed, and he wakes up at night. WOW. With boys and girls going pee there was a little confusion at first.

Emma turns 5!

Emma is Cinderella. She is such a sweet girl and a wonderful example to Grace.

The mice

Amy and Justin did a hilarious puppet show

Roman needed to ROCK

New Years in Idaho

We stayed a night at Cheri's. All the kids made sugar cookies and luckily they were more interested in decorating them than eating them. mmmm

At Randy's Cabin


Nice moves

We loved going up to Idaho to celebrate New Years. All the cousins and adults partied.


Babies 1st Christmas

Just growing up too fast

1st Real Haircut. She couldn't stop smiling in the mirror.


Is that a smile?

The Christmas Loot

All you need is LOVE

Flowers from Chad

Xmas at Home

This Christmas we stayed home for the first time and it was great. We had Bonnie and my sister Beth stay. Amy and Justin came over Christmas Eve and spent the night. Amy had the kids dress up and act out the birth story. Very Cute.

Kate's Baby Blessing

We blessed Kate up in Idaho after Xmas. It was fun to have all the family come.
What's a baby blessing without Guitar Hero?

Random Grace

Some Funny Moments
Grace feeds her dog, and takes a bite of her own every now and then

She loves to dress up

Chad.. WOW!

She's trying to convince me to take her nap on the stairs this time

My Fashionista

Kate, The First Month

I just want to remember how tiny she was.

Winter, Kids Like it

Even though I don't like Winter, I have to say I enjoy the view from my front porch.

Grace really got into sledding across the street

Grace is asking Amy (that would be me, She's Emma) to carry her sled

A Little Giggle

We love visitors!

Taytum's Mom was nice enough to braid Grace's hair too.

We seem to have Amy and Justin over more now that we own guitar hero.

Michael and Justin created this out of players from the Lord of the Rings Risk game.

The boys worked hard on this one and it shows.

Bonnie is helping Amy and Justin in their business, so we get to see her more often. Tami comes down to service her candy machines, so now we just need to get Clint to apply at BYU and Randy to fish our rivers.

The Perks

Having a baby is such a blessing (once it is here) and there are some perks involved after the birth.
Just out of the bath

If someone offers to cook you a meal, let them! This almond chicken puts my dinners to shame.

My parents were here 2 weeks before and after my baby. What a help!

Flowers from Bonnie