Thursday, August 20, 2009

Grace's Summer

Music Preschool for the Summer with her cousins Emma and Roman

Dressing up like a Princess

Spending time at Amy's House - Family Home Evening, dressing up like a pioneer

Being notty with friends... You can't truly appreciate the glitter lip gloss in their hair


Kate's Summer


7 Peaks Waterpark

Kate got lots of attention from our many visitors. This is my friends daughter, Myra, who dressed up Kate and did her hair

Although she's outgrown it now, Kate lived in this bouncer for the past few months

Welcoming Bonnie!

Chad's Mom is staying with us for a few months until she finds a place in Utah. She is going to manage Amy and Justin's dental lab and take over my job of doing the finances. YAY! We had a luau party to welcome her here.
Emma had too much punch

Back to party the next day after church

Ally fools Kate

Monday, August 17, 2009

Feeding the Fish

We had fun this summer feeding the ducks and fish at this pond close to our house.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Finally time for Boy Clothes!

As most of you know, we found out in June that we are having a boy. I am odd and have always dreamed of buying boy clothes. With each previous pregnancy I collected a little boy outfit before the ultrasound in hopes that I could use it. This time not only do I get to unpack a few boy items, but I started to buy some new ones. I also got some great boy clothes from Kliss and Amy, so once again I will not have to buy much. Tami is due at the end of November and is having a girl, so all my girl clothes will be put to good use!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Rainy Day

This is a rain storm from June. It's rare that it rains this hard in Utah, and I thought my Dad would enjoy this.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Washington DC Trip

Our friends in the ward invited us on a trip to Washington DC, NY and Boston. I can't say no to a trip, so off we went. My parents stayed at our house to watch the kids (THANK YOU!)
DC was great... driving around DC was not. This sign is saying the street is a one way street, but only during certain hours. I felt so bad for Danny as he drove around Dupont Circle trying to find our hotel with 3 passengers all telling him to go in different directions.

The subway was much easier, and didn't stink like NY (from a pregnant lady's nose)

Eat your hearts out everyone. We got to see the Declaration of Independence close up, under bullet proof glass, among lots of elementary tour bus kids, after waiting in line outside in the rain(we had umbrella's, the school kids didn't -suckers!) After the wait I was amazed at how no one would let me look at the document straight on, only sideways wedged... and it was very hard to read, very faded. I think the workers here are a little sick of the National Treasure questions.

The Washington Monument - They had to stop building it due to the Civil War and no money. They resumed 30 years later, but the stone in the same rock quarry looked different, so the coloring doesn't match the original structure. Who was listening to the tour guide thank you very much.

Vietnam Memorial - School kids had researched someone's life on the wall and written them a letter

Washington DC Continued

Library of Congress was our favorite building and it had lots of fun documents like the Gutenberg Bible and an impressive book collection of Thomas Jefferson's

Quote inside the Washington Monument

This picture is from inside the Washington Monument, looking out at the Thomas Jefferson Monument

White House (notice sniper on roof)

Tomb of the unknown soldier at Arlington Cemetary